Hotel Program Cost Savings Calculator

Every year, companies lose $14 billion from incorrect corporate hotel bookings. Do you know how much money you’re leaving on the table?

Not sure how to answer some of the questions below? Use your best guess to generate an estimate—or schedule a demo to learn more.

Less than $5 million
$100 million or more
(Hint: Start with a conservative average of 30 percent[1]. Note that it is not uncommon for error rates to reach beyond 80 percent!)
(Hint: Start with a conservative 25 percent estimate; then recalculate, testing higher percentages.)
5% more
200% more

Your potential missed savings due to hotel rate issues is:

(1) 30 percent was calculated by adding the average booking error rate of 17 percent found by GBTA in a 2017 survey, to a conservative 13 percent estimate to account for travelers selecting rates with no discounts.

How much does your company stand to save?

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